Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spam vs. Bacn: How can you tell the difference?

At PodCast Pittsburgh 2.0, a new Internet term was born. Recent articles appearing on NPR and in The Chicago Tribune describe "Bacn" (pronounced "bacon") which is e-mail you want to read — just not now. Blogger Tommy Vallier who helped invent the term at this recent conference says, "An e-mail from your wife is not bacn — that's personal. An e-mail from Nigeria offering to send you $3 million is not bacn—that's spam. Bacn is everything in between, the "middle class of e-mail."
Some examples of bacn:
• An e-mail from an airline updating your flight schedule
• An e-mail from Amazon announcing a sale on books
• An e-mail from The Chicago Tribune with a today's headlines
• An e-mail from Friendster announcing that you have a new friend
• An e-mail from your bank with your checking account balance
Check out the Bacn website [Email you want - But not right now],complete with YouTube videos.

Judy Gressel

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Web Video Cheat Sheet

See a recently updated version of Web Video Cheat Sheet which is formatted conveniently for you to compare web video tools. The amazing plethora of websites is shocking! Most all are free; some allow you to keep a video private which is nice for student work if privacy issues are a concern.

Worth a look. Judy Gressel