Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

StoryCorps is appealing to high school students and teachers to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans over a single holiday weekend.

Learn more about the Great Thanksgiving Day Listen  It is an ambitious attempt to collect stories from around the country and across generations. That site has links to a downloadable pdf with lesson plans and suggestions for student discussion.

In addition, the main StoryCorps site suggests numerous Questions for student interviewers to use as well as links to many, many stories already recorded. Several print collections (such as Listening is an Act of Love) published by StoryCorps are available for checkout from the New Trier library.

Added 11/18: This morning, Geoffrey A. Fowler wrote about the StoryCorps project and App in The Wall Street Journal, "Make Family History with an App from StoryCorps."  He says, this is "about more than recording history.  It's about listening more intensely than our busy lives usually allow." Here is a short video as he explains how it works: