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I recently joined and am finding that there are great learning opportunities out there. is a professional social and learning network for the education community.
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Postings from the latest newsletter:

Register for a very special webinar with Kevin Honeycutt, and get ready to be inspired - and to laugh! 
Kevin Honeycutt is technology integration specialist at ESSDACK in Hutchinson, Kansas. Kevin brings his personal life experience and a sense of humor to the mission of helping prepare 21st century learners. Learn more about Kevin Honeycutt

This webinar is part of new series on, "Inspiring Teachers - Changing Lives."  This series is dedicated to the power of one teacher - how just ONE teacher can change a life.

Join us on Wednesday, May 16th, 6PM Eastern Time goes mobile!

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MORE NEW WEBINARS coming up on
  • Wednesday, May 9th, 4pm Eastern Time
    "How Immersion in Augmented Realities Helps Students in the Real World"
    Presented by Chris Dede, Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard's Graduate School of Education
    Join the community Mobile Learning Explorations 
  • Wednesday, May 9th, 5pm Eastern Time
    "Mobile Learning: There's an App for That!"
    Presented by Michelle Luhtala, Head Librarian, New Canaan High School, CT
    Join the community Emerging Tech  
  • Tuesday, May 15th, 4pm Eastern Time
    "Seeing Structure & Generalizing in the Practices"
    Presented by Sara Delano Moore, Ph. D., Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind
    Join the community Implementing Common Core Standards in Math   
  • Tuesday, May 15th, 5pm Eastern Time
    "What You Can Do During the Summer to Prepare for a Great School Year"
    Presented by Shannon Holden, Assistant Principal, Republic Middle School, MO
    Join the community New Teacher Help 
  • Thursday, May 17th, 4pm Eastern Time
    "iPad: Tips, Tricks, and Apps"
    Presented by Gail Palumbo, former Director of Curriculum and Technology, Montgomery Township Schools, NJ
    Join the community Technology in Schools 
  • Thursday, May 18th, 5pm Eastern Time
    "SIS Around the Country: What are Some States Doing?"
    Presented by Gail Palumbo, former Director of Curriculum and Technology, Montgomery Township Schools, NJ
    Join the community Using Your Student Data for Student Achievement