Thursday, October 30, 2014

Phi Delta Kappan archives currently available

I was very excited to see that the November 2014 issue of Phi Delta Kappan focuses on the theme of Literacy Instruction in a Brave New World. 
And I was even more excited to learn that this issue and past ones are currently available through FREE online access to celebrate the addition of Phi Delta Kappan to SAGE Journals
Here is a sampling of some of the November articles: 
  • Michael C. McKenna:  "Literacy instruction in the brave new world of technology"
  • Joan Richardson  "Maryanne Wolf: Balance technology and deep reading to create biliterate children" and 
  • Christopher Harris "Fact or fiction? Libraries can thrive in the Digital Age"
A full Table of Contents with links to November articles is available as well as an archive of all online issues (Sept 2000 and after).

A discussion guide accompanying the November issue is available as well as discussion guides for past issues on themes like "Exploring Classroom Management," Student Learning: Engagement and Motivation," "Obstacles and Strategies in Spreading Innovation" and many more.