Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Wes Moore to Speak at New Trier

Most of you are probably aware that Wes Moore will be speaking at the Cornog next week.  Here are the details:
Wednesday, January 14
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Northfield Cornog Auditorium  7 Happ Road, Northfield, IL 60093

This event is sponsored by Fan and more details are available from the press release and on the FAN (Family Action Network) web site.

The Library is also purchasing two copies of his new book called The Work: My Search for a Life that Matters with review comments as follows:

Booklist noted: “He tells his own whirlwind story of Oxford, investment banking, military service, a White House Fellowship—all the while questioning how the work he did contributed to the lives of others…. This is a beautifully philosophical look at the expectation that work should bring meaning to our lives through service to others.”

Kirkus: “Though a less-charismatic offshoot of that former effort, Moore's writing remains consistently articulate and escorts readers through a decade of pivotal years ….The takeaway is crystal clear: Take pride in your endeavors, and make every attempt to discover the ‘meaning of success in a volatile, difficult, and seemingly anchorless world.’ An inspired story of a passionate American who has delved into a variety of livelihoods and made a distinctive mark on each." 

I like the way that Wes Moore has interspersed the stories of others (for example, a combat veteran or a Teach For America educator) along with his own experiences as a Rhodes Scholar, on Wall Street, fighting in Afghanistan and as a family member.  Overall, I personally think that this new book will be hugely inspirational for students and adults; I am looking forward to hearing him speak at New Trier.