Saturday, June 30, 2012

Qwiki - making exciting multimedia presentations quickly!

We'll be exploring the ideas of Herbert Kohl this year when we get back to school in August. I decided to experiment with Qwiki: "the best way to share anything"!

The Qwiki website offers a quick and free sign up, brief tutorials, and samples from other users.
It is so simple to use that students can easily figure it out on their own.

The best part is that videos you make are interactive and easily shared.
embed web links, flickr photos, instagram, tweets, video from Vimeo or YouTube, almost any file from your computer, any web page including maps.
Share out on Twitter, Facebook, email or embed the presentation in a blog with html code.

I can imagine that we can do short "how to" library tutorials using screenshots and voiceovers ( or webcam) to teach some basics on Noodletools or logins or even iPad help.  Then we can embed these into a LibGuide.  I am very excited about the possibilities.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Your E-Book is Reading You

"Your E-Book Is Reading You"

Digital-book publishers and retailers now know more about their readers than ever before. How that's changing the experience of reading. Click here for the full text. 

This is an article from the Wall St. Journal 6-29-2012  which is a 'must read' because it's important that we know how much digital book publishers and retailers now know about our reading habits.  This is fascinating because it could change the way authors write their books.