Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Edublog Awards 2006

I found reading the featured blogs of the 2006 Edublog Awards very interesting. The winner of "Best Research Paper" Nancy White says... "As we expose our thinking to each other online, as we learn together, we enrich each other in ways that truly is amazing. Thank you for listening, for responding, for posting, for thinking out loud with me. Special thanks to all of the other winners, who are in my “inspiration pool.”
I think Nancy hit it on the head when she refers to exposing ourselves and thinking aloud online.
At first it seems scary and weird but after awhile, I find it no different than emailing a friend. One of my best resources for digging around the net and learning about blogs is the SupportBlogging site (wiki format).
It is actually a form of professional development than can be done on the fly anytime/anywhere learning. I love it.

Judy Gressel

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Nancy White said...

Judy, I'm heartened to read your post. I really appreciate "bumping" into others who are willing to expose their thinking. As a consultant, I've had people tell me they think I'm insane, that showing uncertainty is a biz killer. On the contrary, I've found it a relationship builder and that eventually connects me to meaningful work. Besides, what I don't know is a far more interesting set of possibilities to write and think about, WITH others, than what I already know. ;-)