Thursday, September 20, 2007

Second Life and TeacherTube

Tonight at the NICE meeting we viewed a demonstration of Second Life. Very time consuming but a fascinating way to rub elbows with the tech gurus. There's an ISTE party there every Thursday night. I will miss the party tonight, but our speaker Lori Abrahams was leaving the NICE meeting to change her avatar into a ball gown for the gala event tonight.

We also were reminded about visiting TeacherTube, a site very similar to YouTube with teacher created content such as lesson plans and other useful items to show in your classes. I looked for one on Noodle Tools but couldn't find it. So perhaps our own New Trier Library can upload one when it's ready. See the one created for how to cite a book in a bibliography. There is also one created for David Warlick's Citation Machine.

Citing a book in a bibliography

They are giving away a brand new laptop every month through the end of the year! Increase your chances of winning by:
* Signing Up
* Inviting Your friends
* Uploading Videos
Look here for more details.
The proliferation of web tools is both amazing and exhausting.

Judy Gressel

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Carolyn Foote said...


I wanted to say hello as a team from our school(Westlake HS) has just been visiting New Trier.

I created a video on TeacherTube about authority of sources recently, if you're interested.

I've also just tried using Voice Thread to create a presentation for students/teachers on using Google versus using Databases.

Great new tools to get more information to teachers and students!

Sorry I didn't get to visit your library in person :)