Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Will Barnes and Noble eReaders unseat Amazon's market position?

Barnes and Noble is promoting new, freely downloadable e-reader software for ebooks which works on iphones, Blackberrys, MACs and PCs.

* Automatic downloads of your latest Barnes & Noble eBook purchases and samples
* Access to download eBooks from your Online Library anytime
* Bookmarks, note taking & highlight functionality
* Lookup function for dictionary, Wikipedia or Google
* Portrait or landscape display modes
* Customizable font, margins and page gestures

The B&N eReader comes with some free reads:

* The Last of the Mohicans
* Sense and Sensibility
* Dracula
* Pride and Prejudice
* Little Women
* Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary

The recent bad press on Kindle erasing titles from customer's individual readers, such as 1984 and the large cost of the Kindle may make the new offerings from Barnes & Noble seem attractive.

According to a WSJ article today, the maker of the Plastic Logic eReader device due in early 2010 is partnering with B & N and it will offer more than 700,000 titles, including more than 500,000 public domain books from Google Inc. and will continue to expand its offerings. Depending on the price point of the new ereader, they could make serious inroads to Amazon's market share.

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