Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Reasons why you should be gaming in your Library

This blog post about why gaming should be allowed comes from the blog "Library Garden" at Cape May County Library, New Jersey. Chicago's Shifted Librarian, Jenny Levine, has long been an advocate of gaming in libraries as a way to fill the needs of teens and young adults.

The five reasons are summarized here:
1) Video games help people learn how to solve problems, develop hand/eye coordination, and now with games such as Wii Fit, provide exercise. Video games are a relevant source of information and media.
2) Gaming builds community.
3) Reach out to patrons you would otherwise never see.
4) Gets teens involved in the library; watch your circulation climb.
5) The cost involved is worth it because you are creating life long library users.

View the winning video of New Jersey State Library’s video contest “Solving Life’s Problems.” Watch Get Your Game on at the Library:

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