Sunday, August 09, 2009

Flickriver: A New Way to View Flickr Images

Flickriver is a new web-based image viewer which supplies the viewer with images from Flickr as a new way to explore photographs which are displayed as one continuous stream without requiring the viewer to click 'next'. This "infinite scroll" shows today's most interesting photos. It is searchable by tag and allows shortcut keyboard navigation to the original flickr page by hitting the V key.

Creative Commons image from EssjayNZ's photostream

Flickriver follows the Flickr guidelines because the photo must link back to its original Flickr page so that the user knows the image origin, author or copyright. Your own Flickr photos and profile can be hidden from Flickriver if you use settings to opt out of third party sites.

I love the black background which makes for a better viewing experience. There are cool tool options for embedding photos to your website or blog; the site also allows you to create a dynamic Flickriver badge to post on your profile, group, blog or website.

Another Flickr API in beta is using the black background as well. See the blog post about Flickroom.

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