Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Labs: Fast Flip

Browsing the news online has never been more fun! Try out Fast Flip,the latest innovation from Google Labs which allows readers to flip through the news quickly. The articles which are web pages have been stripped of ads and other items which making loading the pages slower. Readers can quickly decide if the article is worth their time and read most of it from Google; if they click on the article they will be taken to the publisher's website. The service uses Google News as the basis and has lined up about about 3 dozen cooperating publishers which include the BBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post and Newsweek.

Read: Google Site Lets Readers Flip Through the News in today's New York Times.

Obviously, the bigger your screen, the more enjoyable the experience. The small laptops at work are not nearly as much fun.


Ms. S said...


You beat me (by about 12 hours!); I was just signing in to blog about this. I like it, especially if one has a small device for reading internet news.

It started me thinking about how big web sites might be able to use this type of format -- what if a business or a college or even New Trier had a "home" page that let you quickly flip through categories and pages like the fast flip does?

I'm thinking about how our Library site could work in this format, too, especially our ClassLinks pages.

Going in another direction, do you think we could show kids Google fast flip as a quasi-representation of a database to give them an idea of what we are trying to describe?

Thanks for posting, LS

D. Lazar said...

Google always taking it to another level , keeps us on our toes! Thanks for thoughtful comments of how to integrate.