Friday, October 30, 2009

Use Google Doc Forms for Instant Feedback

Erika Eich and I have been collaborating on a presentation on October 31st for the 2009 ISLMA Conference, Embracing Change. Our focus was Using Google Docs, especially forms, for student feedback and teacher collaboration. The New Trier Library pages have many examples of how we’ve used this tool, including surveying interests before a project, assessment, and reflection after a project is completed. We’ve even used this feature to help students “Ask a Librarian”.

There’s much from which to choose, but here are some of the other resources we have found:

Official Google Docs Blog
Google Docs for Educators
Google Docs Video from Common Craft and presentation from Google
Google Docs tutorial from Michigan State University
7 Things you should know about Google Apps from EDUCAUSE (March 2008)

So create an account OR login here and have fun experimenting!

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Charles said...

Absolutely handy - I use it in connection with programs for parents. Drawback - so easy to make a survey you can make a lousy one. Learn something new. Google "online survey best practices" and dig in.