Friday, January 29, 2010

NICE Mini-Conference Stevenson High School 1/30/2010

Today at the NICE conference Erika Eich, Julia Kessel, & Judy Gressel presented classroom uses for Photo Story. Examples featured were Chinese Language stories and Photo Story Book talks for a sophomore independent reading project.

Click here to view PhotoStory Resources, including copyright friendly and copyleft sources for pictures and sound.

PhotoStory 3 is a free download from Microsoft and is a very simple light-weight program for creating digital stories.

More ideas for classroom uses. See suggestions below.

Science class
- phases of a cell; scientific processes

History - annotate/narrate a famous picture from Civil Rights era

Spanish language
- practicing four skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing. We will certainly add other suggested ideas.

Introduction to your school -- Let students take pictures of people and places around the school. Import the pictures and let students narrate (from their written script), add some music. Use for Open House.

Fieldtrips -- Take pictures during a fieldtrip, import them into Photostory, have the children sequence them, write a storyboard to go with the show, have the children narrate. Once the show is finished, you can run it during Open House or for guests.

Interviews of parents, people in the community, siblings, school personnel, etc. Oral history projects would be great!

Family Interviews -- Students interview a grandparent or other relative, then use pictures taken during the interview, or family photographs, to create a pictorial version of the interview.

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