Saturday, January 23, 2010

Visit 140 University

I just started following Jane Hart on Twitter. Apparently I am her first follower. the 140 University is just one part of Jane Hart's Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT).
Extend your education via Twitter or Facebook

140 University Description:
Twitter and Facebook are great places to discover and share new things. 140 University is a free service that provides you with classes in the form of knowledge nuggets and related links to web pages, videos, etc - in less than 140 characters. Explore the classes that you are interested in!

On Twitter

* To receive the classes: follow @140university
* To comment on the classes or share your own class (in the same format: tweet to @140university and we will re-tweet

On Facebook

* To receive the classes: become a fan of the Facebook 140 University page
* To comment on a class, use Facebook's Comment functionality.
* To deliver your own class: leave the details in the Discussion Area and we will re-post it.

Open to all - classes are delivered 4 times a day, 7 days a week
Classes are organized by subject area and archived.

Some of these "classes" or "knowledge nuggets" seem to be a compendium of trivia. Perhaps they will be a gateway for delving into a topic in more depth.

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Industry News Blog said...

Hi there - thanks for posting about the 140 University. Whilst some nuggests nmight appear to be trivia/trivial, this is clearly a way of attracting "learners" into finding out more. Shouldn't education be fun?