Thursday, February 25, 2010

David Warlick's Presentation

Warlick began by stating that today's 21st Century teachers must be "master learners". He describes the 'native information experience' which is so different from previous generations because students today "have no ceiling". The sky's the limit. We had no global audience for our work or for our experimentation. With our connectivity today we have turned into a Question-asking Culture!

Warlick's intention is to "expand our notions of information skills and experience to understand and crack the code of our students outside-the-classroom experience and perhaps even hack that code — harness those literacies for learning".

The Native information experience of our students:

* Is fueled by questions
* Provokes conversation
* Is responsive
* Demands personal investment and identity
* Guided by safely-made mistakes
We need to stop making assignments and rubrics that are so specific that the students don't want to ask questions. Questions promote conversation which is how learning happens. We need to craft activities that "talk back to the learner". We need to say to the students..."surprise me!" The ideal learning environment is "learning without boundaries".

Today what's important is not what you have been taught; it's what you can teach yourself!

Here's Warlick's wonderful bibliography of sources for this presentation

and last but not least, the PREZI:

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Ms. S said...

What a great set of resources -- thank you for posting this.

I really love the thoughts about being a "question asking culture". Think, too, about how important it is to nurture this "instinct" versus the ways we (even unintentionally) encourage students to settle for an easy answer. To me, this idea reinforces the need to promote interdisciplinary projects and the hard work of making connections. I am looking forward at watching the Prezi and exploring the resources. Thanks!