Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Google Buzz

The new social updating and aggregation feature integrates with your cell phone and your Gmail, providing a service that mashes up Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. I get Yelp! but I am still quite skeptical about the value of Foursquare(besides commercial benefits for businesses)I definitely can see the value of Buzz Maps: In the nearby stream, you can click “Buzz map” to view nearby buzz on a map. This would be so helpful in exploring a city or looking for a coffee shop with free wifi. Reviewers say that if you're already doing Foursquare, you're unlikely to switch to Buzz because the mobile app is cumbersome.

Forrester Research says: "Buzz doesn’t update user’s Twitter or Facebook feeds, so I expect experimentation but not wholesale switching in the foreseeable future. Buzz could end up supplementing rather than replacing users’ other social networks for now.”

This promises to be Google’s most aggressive push into social media yet! I guess it's finally time for me to get a personal gmail account.

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