Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Awesome Highlighter

From Michael Gorman's blog:
"The Awesome Highlighter, a free web resource that allows students to save only the text needed, keep it in a digital format, archive the resource it came from, and print only the information necessary!" Read his summary of how it works. Students can also add sticky notes.

The part I like is that it has social media functionality because it allows you to share marked up pages via email, Facebook, Delicious, or Twitter.

I started following Gorman on Twitter. [http://21centuryedtech.wikispaces.com/] He has a 21st Century Ed Tech Wiki that looks good. I know I can learn something from his wiki. He is really into project-based learning.

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Mike Gorman said...

Thanks for taking the time to check both my blog and wiki. Feel free to get with me if you ever have any questions and keep up the awesome work of providing information from the media center. My wife is a media specialist and I have an immense respect for the profession. All of you are at the forefront of real and effective educational transformation!