Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Docs: New and Improved

The one word that describes today’s updates is collaboration.  
Google believes that “collaboration is broken”: People make revisions to the same document, but one bad save by a late person can ruin the whole document. Thus Google’s belief is that creating a browser version of collaboration software that bridges the gap between the desktop and the web is key to better collaboration and quicker innovation.

Other key upgrades:
  • collaborators can now see what others are typing character-by-character
  • 50 people can now collaborate on one document
  • new chat feature added for enhanced collaboration
  • Google added features such as rulers, tab stops, spell-check as you type and floating images
  • new Spreadsheet features: auto-complete, the ability to drag-and-drop columns and faster load times, autofill
  • new “drawing editor” allows you to draw and download images that can be copied and pasted into multiple Google Docs.

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Ms. S said...

Thanks for posting this -- especially the short video. We should consider embedding that in any libguides involving group projects.