Monday, April 05, 2010

Learn more about 1:1 computing

On April 7, 2010, CASTLE and the school districts in Iowa with 1:1 laptop programs will host the state's first-ever 1:1 Institute in Des Moines. The purposes of the Iowa 1:1 Institute (I11I) are to:
  • help Iowa's 1:1 districts learn about innovative teaching, learning, and administrative practices that are occurring in each others' districts;
  • build excitement and 'buzz' around 1:1 laptop computing initiatives in the state; and
  • help others who are interested in 1:1 computing learn more about how to get started and be successful.
  • Be sure to consult the wiki of resources later in the week when best practices, research, and success stories are shared.
The Institute is open to ANYONE interested in 1:1 laptop computing initiatives in P-12 schools, whether they currently are working in such a program or just want to learn more.

Dr. Scott McLeod, CASTLE Director, offers its online school technology leadership courses at ISU!

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