Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking for a quick picture editor? Try PICSLICE

Our technology integrator, Mary Ann Apple at New Trier High School, shared PICSLICE on her blog, Connecting with Technology. This cool tool creates slices of picture, which can easily be cropped and resized. 
Crop is useful when you need to adjust a picture to your needs. Enter an url OR select a picture from one already saved in your computer. (gif,jpeg,png) 

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adrian6179 said...

I am glad to learn about PicSlice. Cropping a picture is fairly straight forward and simple. Cutting it up into multiple slices, however, can be extremely dicey. If the slices are to be even, then measurement must occur to make sure that occurs. I tried PicSlice on a photo that was on one of my websites. It was quick and easy to use. The picture was instantly cut into the number of slices I indicated.

I can see an abundance of uses for such a tool. First off, it can be used to make cool looking graphics. A picture cut into several slices would make the heading of a web site a little more unique. Second, the slices of one pic could be combined with slices of other pics to make a collage. Finally, sometimes you just need the left and right edge of a photo, PicSlice would be a great tool for that.