Monday, May 24, 2010

Haven't yet figured out Facebook's 170 different privacy settings?

Facebook has done its obligatory mea culpa and promises to simplify its privacy settings.  But while you are waiting it may be worth looking at Today's New York Times reviewed this site: Rivals Seize on Troubles of Facebook

Leo Shimizu, left, and David Chen founded, a social site that emphasizes privacy. is an application that helps users create, track, and manage their online conversations. Like Facebook and Twitter, encourages its users to upload videos and photos, add status updates, and communicate with friends in whichever ways they feel most comfortable.

Other advantages:
  • Determine the level of access for each user who adds you as a contact --better privacy settings than any other social network available right now
  • Automatic refresh feature ensures new information comes to you right away --add discussions from public rooms to your news feed
  • Use video chat to communicate with contacts in real time
  • See what’s going on in your other social networks without leaving the site

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