Sunday, May 09, 2010

Teaching Tech-Savvy Students

JudyG posted a video [Socialnomics] yesterday about Social Media and bringing digital media into the classroom as described in a new book, Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids. That author, Jessica Parker, just started a new web site on the subject.

I initially learned about this due to a fairly extensive interview which she and other educators had recently with Henry Jenkins. Here's his blog posts: part one and part two -- well worth reading and discussing.

For example, high school teacher and UC Berkeley doctoral candidate Maryanne Berry says, "Excellent teaching involves a degree of risk and sadly today there are many constraints on teachers that keep them from trying anything new....I think teachers need to ... ask themselves, 'how can I use this to forward the subject I teach?'" There are also several comments about Wikipedia and an observation from Jessica Parker about how "classroom teachers are often voicing their concerns about a lack of opportunity to sit down with their colleagues and discuss important issues; time is not allocated for them to be apart of a learning community." She also talks about "the possibility to create a community of learners made up of both teachers and students working toward a common goal." Join the discussion - post your thoughts here, on Jenkins' blog or on Parker's new page.

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