Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reach: Building Communities and Networks for Professional Development

Jeff Utecht's new book Reach is now available online as a free download. This book is a primer on how to join online communities that will meet your professional interests. Learn how to use Twitter to create a Personal Learning Network and ways to connect with students using Facebook to engage them in learning beyond the classroom. Very few of our classrooms are teaching students how to consume and produce information using a web environment.

Utecht argues:  "If we are to teach our students to become prosumers of information in today’’s connected digital world, then we need to understand and become prosumers ourselves".

This 103 page document provides newbies a way to get started by growing a PLN and making it work by connecting and sharing. In addition to this primer, Utecht has set up a website for more information with additional resources and ““How To”” videos.

For download directions to Reach click here.
Download your free copy of Reach using this password:

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