Friday, June 04, 2010

Tweetdeck is Better than Ever

 It recently occurred to me that many folks try to use Twitter without Tweetdeck.  I find this tool invaluable for tracking multiple Twitter accounts, for adding creating & managing Twitter lists,  for following special Tweeters so I don't miss any posts, for easily RT (re-tweeting) and replying with DM (direct messages) & managing @ replies. I also love the automatic url shortening feature. I like to quickly update Facebook via tweets which are fast and automatic.  I can also tweet from the news wall of other's Facebook posts that I receive such as the Library of Congress. This tool is a real time saver.

They've even added a few new features in the most recent upgrade.  Be sure to try this tool to get the most out of Twitter.
 New Tweetdeck features:

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