Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Google Images gets a new look

Learn more about Google Images' new look in an article and slide show from PC Magazine OR check out the new look for yourself. Makes me think a bit of CoolIris and I predict students will like more images in the same space.

I'm generally positive about the Google Images change, though I can't say the same for Google News. I really miss the categories and mix of content that used to be there -- now Google News just seems to be a list of the most "popular" stories (and truly, how many stories about Lindsey Lohan does one need to see?). Yes, I know that I could build a custom filter, but I prefer to scan the news with the hope that I might serendipitously come across a story or two of interest (not unlike the "olden" days of turning paper newspaper pages...). What do others think? Have you set a custom filter? What site do you suggest instead of Google News to get a quick overview?

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Judy Gressel said...

I actually thought of Cool Iris as well. If you look to the right, you'll see my tweet about the new Google Images.

How about Google Fast Flip and/or Mashpedia. I really think Mashpedia is a great overview of current events. Plus, you get video, pictures, tweets, and real-time updates.
Judy Gressel