Monday, August 02, 2010

News Search is Changing Rapidly - try a cool journalist tool

Here's a new tool to help researchers and journalists find a real time news stream from 10,000+ vetted sources and set up unlimited searches/alerts. Today's business section of the New York Times reports that: "On NewsBasis, sources can also add a footnote to articles across the Web, so when reporters are doing research using their Web browser, a tab will appear indicating that a NewsBasis source has offered a different point of view or corrected a fact."

How can NewsBasis help with search? This new website (in beta) offers those who create a login to:
  • Journalists can discover new angles for stories; discover and connect with valuable sources and find answers and information
  • Non-profits can embed their experts' point of view directly in articles journalists read & help shape their story by footnoting articles across the Web with their points of view.
  • Consultants can respond directly to journalists' requests for expertise or sources and generate media mentions
  • PR agencies/publicists can embed their clients' point of view or corrections directly in articles
Sounds like powerful stuff that they'll soon be charging fees for!

I signed up as a "representative" of an academic institution.  Hoping they allow me to login and try it.


Linda Straube (Ms. S) said...


I am reading Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky and this sounds like the kind of application he writes about. Please let me now if you do get to see it in action.

Judy Gressel said...

It's been 2 days and I still haven't received confirmation on using NewsBasis. Hoping for an invite.