Monday, September 27, 2010

Daniel Pink Hightlights Flip Thinking

According to Daniel Pink, "Flip-thinking" - is the new buzz word sweeping the US.
Colorado teacher Karl Fisch has flipped teaching on its head. Fisch has rearranged the order of his lesson plans. First he records and uploads his lectures to YouTube for his students to watch at home at night. (lecture at home first!)Then gets them to apply the concepts in class(homework in school) as he touches base with learners to help them with their in-class work.

Fisch became famous when he did the Did You Know Presentations:

-Did You Know?/Shift Happens 4.0
- Did You Know?/Shift Happens 3.0
- Did You Know?/Shift Happens 2.0
- Did You Know?/Shift Happens

What about students with no Internet access at home? I guess it's off to the library after school for those kids!

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