Thursday, September 02, 2010

Teach for America at age 20

Teach for America turns 20 years old this year. Its' founder, Wendy Kopp, contributed a short piece on reasons for optimism in today's Wall Street Journal.

Here's my favorite quote and some exciting statistics:

"Wherever there is transformational change for children, whether at the classroom, school, or system level, there is transformational leadership.

One of the biggest reasons for optimism, given the role we know effective leadership plays, is the outpouring of interest among our nation's future leaders to channel their energy toward this cause. This year, 46,000 young people applied to Teach For America; more than 4,500 will be teaching this fall. We are the top employer of graduating seniors at over 40 colleges and universities across the country, including Yale, Spelman and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill."

Personally, I feel especially fortunate to know one the new teachers of whom Kopp writes and I am looking forward to "observing" and sharing in learning as she blogs about the experience this year.

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