Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another State Conference

In case you missed Doug Johnson’s post – here are links to two presentations given at the recent MEMO - Minnesota Educational Media Organization – Fall Conference:
The first by Buffy Hamilton (Creekview High School, GA) is titled “Beyond Balance: Participatory Librarianship for Creating, Connecting, Conversing, and Contributing” Scroll down the page to see her slide deck or skip around the libguide for many more ideas.

The second, by Cathy Jo Nelson (Dorman High School, South Carolina), lists 10 Tools to a More Relevant Library including Blogs & Wikis (check out her specific suggestions); RSS Feeds; Aggregators; Social Networking Tools (Twitter, etc.); LibraryThing; Google; Social Bookmarking; Digital Storytelling; Online Polls and Video Conferencing.

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