Saturday, October 02, 2010

Google Offers its own URL Shortener

Why should we know about
Everyone does need to understand the function and utility of a URL shortener. URL shorteners make a long URL into fewer characters to make it easier to share with others. It helps the user to deal with character limits in tweets, status updates etc. A shorter URL leaves more space to share ideas— that's why people use them. The other less well known functionality of URL shorteners is that they also provide real-time click stats and analytics for the user. With the new shortener sophisticated users can also add a QR code (Quick Response code) which contains much metadata; a QR code can be read by scanners and mobile devices.  Is this a good thing? Yes, if you are running a website and are interested in analytics.

Why would Google bother to provide a URL shortener when so many (TinyURL and excellent ones are already available? The reasons they offer are stability, security and speed.

I love my Tweetdeck because it automatically shortens by urls. Perhaps Twitter will  add to its platform. Otherwise I probably won't use it much.
Read and learn more about Google's URL shortener.

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