Sunday, October 03, 2010

School Librarians as Digital Resource Providers

If you have been thinking about eReaders, digital texts, and your students, take a few minutes to read this recent article from School Library Journal.

A couple of quotes to get you thinking:
* PBS’s 2009 national survey, "Digitally Inclined," showed that 76 percent of K–12 teachers already use digital media in their classrooms (up from 68 percent in 2008). And 78 percent of those teachers believe that digital media increases a student’s motivation for learning.
* "When we make the move to digital textbooks, ... it will be about open content. When it is about open content, we are going to see huge opportunities for school librarians." - Marcia Mardis, a professor at Florida State University.

By the way, I tried posting this from an iPad since I have one to "play with" for a little while. If you have any suggestions on using iPads (or not using them), especially in regards to reading high school texts, please share your ideas in the comment section. So far, I agree with Mossberg's point (made here) that one can use an iPad on vacation, but I will definitely need more practice in order to embrace it for more regular use. All of which should not take away from the comments on experimentation, new initiatives, and pilot programs made by School Library Journal.

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