Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SAT and ACT prep online

I just checked the RSS feed for Walt Mossberg and the Wall Street Journal and came across Katie Boehert's evaluation of Grockit.com, a web-based site for test prep:

The full article is here. It's interesting to see some of the "social" elements that are included and the idea that this can be customized for a given student. The ability of students to participate - or even lead - review sessions is intriguing, too, and I am sure this will be a helpful review tool for some.

However, I am also disappointed to see that the site describes itself as "addictive", particularly when I had just finished listening to Steve Hargadon's interview with Vicki Abeles, the director of Race to Nowhere. Quite a contrast in content and messages, but rather fitting for election night.

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