Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bloglines contiues its work....

Bloglines is now owned by Merchant Circle, and Bloglines will continue to serve as an RSS reader. It has a slightly new look to it, mainly a "facelift" of sorts, and I like how it's organized. What can benefit all users is the "view" format - list, expanded, or mosaic. This feature certainly lends itself to different styles of viewing and organizing information.

The List shows one line of information - source, and the beginning of the summary or article. Benefit: easy at-a-glance format to select articles to read

Expanded shows more of the summary or beginning lines of article, as well as options for social communication
Benefit: decision is quick and easy to read article; plenty of "white" space

Mosaic is for those who are visual. I believe this is a new feature, and it looks great. While one would have to scroll a bit more to see options/items (depending upon how many feeds one has), the icons and/or images are a nice alternative to print.

Take a look at the "new" bloglines:

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