Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Have you tried the relatively new search engine DuckDuckGo?

In 2008 an MIT graduate created DuckDuckGo as a new type of  search engine that does not pass along personal information to businesses for the purpose of targeting ads to you.  So if you are getting "creeped out" by how closely Google tracks your searches, use DuckDuckGo which advertises:
  • Zero-click info
    Useful box above the links.
  • Real privacy
    Google tracks you. We don't.
  • Lots of goodies
    Special searches!bangs & settings.
  • Less spam and clutter - no useless sites with just ads.

You can make   DuckDuckGo your default search engine through the Chrome browser. 

Last month the Federal Trade Commission called for a "Do Not Track" mechanism that would enable the public to opt out of being tracked around the web. 

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D. Lazar said...

There is some wisdom in using more than one search engine when researching and the no track gives added incentive to look beyond google. I entered "Dream Act" into both search engines. Google brings up wikipedia as a first result as does DDG, however the latter "shows" the wiki definition at the top as a zero-click entry. DDG has a simple interface and I like the settings option, which allows you to focus your search on a specific region. More to explore. Thanks Judy.