Friday, February 25, 2011

Librarians all a Twitter about Overdrive

Librarian in Black is outraged over recent developments with ebook aggregators:

"Consumer market eBook vendors like Barnes & Noble and Amazon don’t let publishers get away with the amount of nonsense that we get stuck with through library eBook vendors. I fault the publishers for not realizing what a huge mistake they are making by not realizing that new formats are opportunities–not threats to be quashed. I fault the library eBook vendors for not standing firm and saying “no” to asinine demands. And I fault the library profession for, to date, not standing up for the rights of our users. Our job is to fight for the user, and we have done a poor job of doing that during the digital content surge."
Read the entire post responding to publisher HarperCollins, and their demanded limit is 26 lifetime uses per copy:

Library eBook Revolution, Begin


Linda Straube (Ms. S) said...

Here's another link from the Wall Street Journal about Overdrive. Written by Katherine Boehret and published Feb. 23, 2011, it discusses some pros and cons of the service.

Mindi said...

This is incredibly interesting to follow. I also read this response on the
Overdrive blog .

Mindi (Ms. Maneck)