Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazon Alters Rules for Kindles in School Libraries

Read the recent School Library Journal article which discusses how Amazon is changing its rules for school libraries.  This may really impact how we go forward with our Kindle program.
Amazon Alters Rules for Kindles in School Libraries

Perhaps NT Library should look into purchasing the Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Reader
which enables downloads from Google Books!

According to a Mashable writer :

The Simple Touch Reader is a major upgrade from the original Nook, and also significantly improves upon Amazon’s Kindle 3 device in five respects: 1) It has a touchscreen, and is buttonless (save for the on/off button on the backside).2) It has double the battery life. 3) It’s 1.5 inches shorter (5 x 6.5 inches). 4) It’s one ounce lighter (7.5 ounces). 5) There’s less of a page-turning delay.Both devices have built-in Wi-Fi, 6-inch display screens and are priced at $139.

Barnes &Noble's New Simple Touch Reader from School Library Journal on Vimeo.

As usual, change is fast-paced in the library world. With the ebook revolution, don't expect the impact to be anything less than the Gutenberg printing press.

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