Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Library 2.011 Virtual Conference

Do not forget about this important information from Steve Hargadon:
  • The Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference is this Wednesday and Thursday, November 2 - 4, all online, all free. As of today, we have 5,000 registrations for the conference from 151 countries! Amazing! The conference schedule is also now online, with all 160+ sessions, and an individual hour-by-hour schedule calendar for each of 36 different time zones--and the live links to the session rooms will go up later today and tomorrow. Be sure to register by joining the site at the link above.
Keynote speakers, including Sandra Hirsch and Steve Abram, are profiled here. Topics include:
  • New Career Pathways for Information Professionals in a Library 2.0 World 11/2, 9am CDT
  • Participatory Libraries as Enabling Spaces for Creative Practices, 11/2 10am CDT
  • Hyperlinked Library Services for Everyone: Exploring what a connected world of continuous computing means for twenty- first century library service. 11/2, 8pm CDT
  • The experience of information literacy and learning: reflections on social media 11/3 5am (from Australia) CDT
  • New paradigms for higher education libraries 11/3 8am CDT
  • The New Normal: Social Institutions and the Social Web Is there still life in web tools for library strategies? 2pm, CDT
Many, many other sessions are available over the 2 day conference time.

And coming soon:

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