Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Going with Content Curation Tools

After learning from Robin Good, I decided to check out some of the suggested tools for curation to keep up and start my own collections.  Here are some that I looked at today:
Gimme Bar Library

Welcome to Gimme Bar!

Get a head start, fill out your Gimme Bar Library with your goodies from these services:

  • Backup Instagram

  • Backup Twitter

  • Backup Delicious

  • Backup Pinboard

There's an elephant logo, but it's definitely not Evernote!

From the BO.LT website:
"Bolt allows anyone to permanently capture and share anything on the web, including entire, working web pages.  Members create their own collections that they can keep private or share instantly on Bolt or other social networks.  "Bolts" are not just images or links, they are complete, working copies of the pages that can be recalled by links controlled by the user.  These bolts still link to the original page, but when that page goes away, your Bolt stays.  No more diappearing pages or broken link. Once you have Bolted, you can instantly share your Bolts and collections on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even BufferApp."

Trailmeme is a way to tell stories with Web content.

A short video explaining the concept of trails and what you can do with them!

An awesome curation tool which shares context and relationships.  
I could also see this as an awesome student presentation tool.

More tools worth checking out for personal use:

Tools like,, Blekko, BagTheWeb, BlogBridge, KeepstreamPearltrees.comBundlr  are all worth checking out. 

Howard Rheingold has used Pearltrees to find those pearls on curation!

See also:  DragOnTape for Video Curation  

Robin Good has created a compilation of videos on the topic of curation!  Watch and learn.

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