Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Curating News Content from Social Media

Here are some great tips which I  endorse because they make good use of Tweetdeck.
I cannot even imagine doing power searching without the use of Tweetdeck.

Technology editor (from Sarah Marshall gathered ideas and posted them all in one place: 

How to: use social media in newsgathering

1) organize chaos by using Tweetdeck
4) make use of hashtags
5) keep your key words simple

6) use Twitter's advanced search

7) search by time or search by location

8) track keywords shared on social media by using RSS feeds, adding them to your Google

Reader account or another RSS feed reader.

9) Use Google advanced operators to search Facebook--this will yield more results than a 
search within Facebook

10)  Most importantly, verify your sources  --many tips are included in the article above

For more information listen to this podcast about tips and tools and practical advice for

curating news as 
Sarah Marshall interviews

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