Monday, December 31, 2012

Capture to Cloud

This seems to be a very handy tool, not only for research, but also for collaboration.

Offers a basic free version with pay options for premium usage. Includes:
  • Build workspaces
  • Drag and drop desktop files
  • Add live webpages
  • Public and private sharing
  • Live activity stream
  • Mobile apps
  • Google and Dropbox integration
Why use it? Collaborative team work which includes media, webpages, and documents can be discussed in real time with a project team on any device - desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.  

While the CaptureToCloud app runs on the iPhone, it’s much easier to use on an iPad.

You have to be willing to sign in with a Google Account and then  Capture to Cloud requests permission to:

I used a school Google account to register because it tracks everything you do which is quite unsettling.  But it seems that Google tracks everything you do no matter what.  Hopefully I won't be targeted for more ads. The interface reminds me somewhat of Evernote, but it seems to have much more social functionality.  I also enjoy the "slideshow" view of all the items which are saved.

The help feature is robust and the first thing I will experiment with is organizing content into collections.

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