Sunday, April 27, 2014

Libraries as Learning Spaces

Recently a teacher forwarded an article regarding library spaces called, “What will become of the Library?” that had been published on Slate’s website. That article included a picture of the new library at the University of Chicago and made me think of our visit there last fall.  We were also welcome guests at libraries at DePaul and Loyola University where our host specifically mentioned this video on the Hunt Library at NC State University:

We had watched that video individually and as a group in a department meeting where Pam shared a School Library Journal article and led discussions on space planning. In fact, Knowledge Quest’s most recent issue was devoted to Library Spaces and contains several excellent articles. We have been compiling our own set of pictures and documents and have discussed soliciting input from students and teachers. Here are links to several other related resources:

Finally from Mental Floss, for fun (and inspiration!) see 62 of world’s most beautiful libraries.

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