Thursday, December 11, 2014

What We’re
Intrigued by/Reading/Watching
Right Now…

Mr. Stuczynski:  
“TED talk that I saw recently made an impression upon me because it deals with both marketing and leadership and how great leaders and companies sell emotions/feelings rather than facts and give people what THEY themselves want rather than what the leaders want.”

Ms. Lazar:
“A link to a blogpost from  Rich in Color (Rich in Color is dedicated to reading, reviewing, talking about, and otherwise promoting young adult fiction starring people of color or written by people of color. ) The post is short but also includes a link to  the Youtube Adichie’s TEDTalk, “The Danger of a Single Story,”  I invite others to watch or rematch this 18 minute talk "just to remind ourselves the power books."

Ms. Burns:
This is a brief story about how an artist works with books....

Ms. Novak:  
My article is an episode of This American Life but it also exists as a transcript.  It is a story on the school to prison pipeline and has stayed with me particularly since Ferguson.  I think it speaks a lot to the impact we have as educators on students of color. It is in Act One - Time Out

Ms. Straube:  
Written by a Systems Librarian at Harvard, this is really 7 articles in one, given the bibliography.

Ms. Peterson:  
This Will Revolutionize Education - video

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