Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello librarians,
So far, the blogging software is easy and fun to do. Much easier than posting web pages. Adding links and pictures is simple. I have enabled everyone on this blog to be "admin" instead of just guest. That way you can change the template, add customization and play with the features. With classroom blogs you can restrict who reads it and who is able to make posts.
Look in the settings tab and then click on permissions.

I just loaded the class attendance list for both of Ms. Plank's AP U.S. History classes. This will invite them into their own classroom blog as they work on a lengthy research project. This will enable the teacher and me to view their progress and collaborate in a discussion format. The students will also be able to see other student posts and teacher/librarian comments and look to those exemplary models.

Yesterday I found a blog post rubric and blog model while searching an educational blog. I have put a link to the AP History blog on the class links page for students. See the first draft of the classroom blog for Ms. Plank's class.

Judy Gressel