Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today was the first day of introducing the blogging feature to Ms. Plank's two AP American History classes. Thirty out of 50 students enrolled immediately. Ease of use does not yet seem to be a problem.

I posted useful database links right to the blog, so there is no "class links" page that we usually create. I also posted some helpful primary source websites. A senior SILC student is assisting in the 8th period class; I will give "admin" permissions to both Ms. Plank and the assistant. That way they can play with the features of the blog. Ms. Plank seemed to be happy with the blog concept so far. We are leaving it open for anyone to read. It can be restricted to only registered blogger students. Comments to posts can also be restricted if desired.

Ms. Plank likes the idea of the collaboration as well as the fact that she could continue to use the blog for collaborative activities even after the end of the research project. So far I am hopeful and I like the reflective aspect of it.

Blogging is like the Nike ad, you have to "just do it".

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