Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting Started with RSS Feeds

You can actually create web pages using RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and watch your web page update automatically. Options for creating websites with RSS feeds include Netvibes ( and Pageflakes ( With both of these free tools you can make a columned page as include as many of your RSS feeds as you want. This software allows you to drag and drop boxes of feeds for customizing the look of your web page.

Creating a feed into a regular web page made with Dreamweaver requires a javascript feed program such as Feed2JS. I mentioned this free service in an earlier posting.

More RSS Resources worth mentioning:

The RSS Compendium Resources List --listings of RSS directories, feeds, aggregators --finding feeds

RSS Feed Factory from the BBC --good explanation of RSS

The Weather via RSS --plug in your zipcode and post this feed on your webpage

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Anonymous said...

Pageflakes seems better. It loads faster and it also lets you share a page with your friends. It's more suitable for teams.