Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Blog Software Designed with Educators in Mind

With input from Will Richardson, this blog software makes it easy to register students and does not require email addresses. It's called 21 Classes, and has already been reviewed by Steve Dembo on his blog Teach42.

Steve is impressed with the options that allow you to arrange students into groups, create sets of authors, and change a few settings including policies and terms of use statements. Even though themes are limited, there are options for adding cool widgets.

Steve writes, "I do have to admit that this is probably the most well developed blog engine for educators." You may want start reading Teach42 which is a very active blog done by a fellow NICE member who has willingly shared his expertise.

Dembo commented that he is a New Trier Grad, class of '92.

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Steve said...

Thanks for the plug, but you forgot the most important line of the resume! New Trier Alumni, class of 1992 :)