Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tumblr @ SXSW

Today I was reading about the annual Austin music & film festival South by Southwest in the New York Times Arts Section and it turns out that Tweets are the big story here. My hero of the 2008 Campaign Nate Silver, the polling guru at FiveThirtyEight gave the keynote address at SXSW. How cool is that? New film releases look really interesting and fans got a sneak preview Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno,” to be released in July. It's another faux-documentary in which a "disgraced fashion reporter from Austria takes America by a storm of his own making".

The caption on this picture was "Teach me to Twitter" because the woman is actually using a cell phone the old fashioned way --to talk.

Along the way, I discovered a new app that my be easier than that clunky Weebly.
David Carp, 23 year old CEO of Tumblr, is there with his team promoting this new blogging tool. So, for all you web 2.0 junkies out there who haven't a clue about making web pages, I would suggest giving Tumblr a whirl.

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