Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today at ICE I attended "Using Edmodo in Your Classroom" presented by Erica Roberts
from Jefferson Junior High School in Woodridge, IL

Edmodo provides, " A private social platform for teacher and students to share ideas."

Similar interface to Facebook and is beneficial in 3 ways:
1. Engages students
2. Improves communication w/ students
3. reduce the amount of paper used in the classroom

Web-based and sign up is free!
Teachers can manage classes and students through this web tool. This space is private, so individuals outside of the class cannot see information.

Students can receive new grades and comments through Edmodo. There is a grade book feature that was just launched today which allows teachers to view all students' grades and upload to online grading programs!!!!
Roberts also uses this tool for bell work and posting new assignments, so when students arrive in her computer class, they can immediately "get to work!" :)
A calendar allows teachers and students to see upcoming assignments.
Edmodo also has a "poll" feature, which allows teachers to post questions for students to vote on. Students can only vote once, and they cannot change their answer once they've voted. Anonymous results.

Students can message the class asking questions.
Assignment files can be submitted through the program when completed. (No worry about file conversions...Mac or doesn't matter.)
This is also a great way for students who have internet access at home to keep in touch with classwork when they are away from school.

Great for groups or clubs as well!

Support is "AMAZING" according to Roberts.
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Liz said...

Thanks for the shout on on Edmodo! I'm part of the Edmodo media outreach team, and would like to share a quick update with you. Recently Edmodo announced their acquisition by the Fusion Project, one of Revolution Learning's portfolio companies--big news for a start-up!. Though they will continue to be known as Edmodo, this move will help boost their international presence.