Thursday, February 25, 2010

Student Attention in the Digital Age: Scott Weidig

Pace of Change: How can we look at things differently?
70% of population on Facebook are outside the United States.
Session handout:

Student Attention in the Digital Age

"While there are ample examples of “evidence” that technology engages and captivate students, quite often we hear that educators feel that it either loses it’s impact over time, or ‘distracts’ students into missing the objective of the lesson. Which are YOU finding to be true? Ask yourself a few questions: Has our pedagogy changed and adapted to meet the direction the world is forcing upon our children and students? Should it change? If so, what is getting in the way of change? Come ready to challenge these topics."

Wiki of all presentation handouts for all sessions!

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Ms. S said...

There are some great presentation handouts here. I viewed Barb Ungar's because I so respect her work and because she teaches at a sending school district.

Interesting to see that the wiki they are using at District 39 is powered by GoogleSites. We have been experimenting with using that as a ClassLinks page format. The 34 page pdf handout is very comprehensive, too ( link found here). Jacqui P was in attendance -- hopefully we can have some follow-up discussions.